• Building Trust in Seafood Supply Chains

    Knowledge of where fish comes from and assurance that it was sourced responsibly is now critical in making purchasing decisions.

    SAI Global supports food producers, processors and retailers to provide assurance that responsible sourcing criteria are met by assessing sustainability, verifying traceability, sourcing criteria, analysing relevant risks and providing social audits.


    We are an approved Certification Body for all of the leading seafood supply chain and food safety standards: 


      • GAA BAP Processing 

      • MSC - Chain of Custody 

      • RFM - Chain of Custody 

      • ASC - Chain of Custody 

      • IFFO RS - Chain of Custody 

      • IFFO Responsible Supply Fishmeal/Oil Certification

      • GFSI Food Safety Standards (e.g. BRCGS Food Safety)


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    Trust in our experts to help you in mitigating risk




    SAI Global is an approved Certification Body for all leading Global Aquaculture Standards as well as to the European Organic Standards for Aquaculture, Canadian Standard for Aquaculture and private label standards such as Naturland.


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    Supporting fisheries across the world in driving sustainability and achieving the highest standards, SAI Global offers the most comprehensive range of recognised and accredited certifications and standards services globally.


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    Supply Chain

    SAI Global helps build trust with food producers, processors and retailers through world-class certification and validation services across the supply chain.




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