Remote Auditing

    Keep safe and take advantage of our remote auditing service


    A remote audit is the same as an onsite audit, however, it uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to audit a company’s processes, policies, procedures,

    and personnel.


    It still follows all the Standards requirements for what must be audited, the proof of evidence and, the issuance of non-conformances, however, it uses various software systems that support video and voice communication, file sharing and screen sharing.



    Benefits of a Remote Audit


    Enjoy the many benefits that remote auditing can bring to you and your business.


    With our focus on protecting the health and safety for you, your staff and our employees, remote auditing will allow minimal disruptions to your operations, protecting your audit program.




    A Flexible Approach


    Same quality audit you have come to expect, delivered using a range of technology that suits you.



    Reduce Audit Costs


    Access sites that are difficult or risky to travel to and save on time and money.



    Enable Sustainability


    Access our network of expert auditors and maintain business continuity during this crisis.




    Want to know more?


    Explore our range of resources that will help you on your remote auditing experience.



    Remote Auditing FAQ

    • We want to ensure your remote audit experience is seamless and positive.

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